CRUEL HOPE Drops Poignant Debut EP I’M NOT SICK

Toronto, Ontario alt-rock band, Cruel Hope, has just dropped their debut EP, I’m Not Sick. The three-song EP features the self-titled single, along with the singles Wage Slave” and “Someone to Hate”

 The single “I’m Not Sick” deals with the alarming upwards trend in mental illness diagnoses in Millenials, particularly depression and anxiety. “I don’t see it as surprising,” says singer-songwriter Liam Horrigan. “How can we not be deeply upset as we watch the dreams of fulfilling work and financial security that were sold to us as kids torn apart by recession after recession? How could the looming threat of environmental catastrophe not fill us with perpetual fear for our futures? Most importantly, what treatment can cure us of these supposed illnesses, other than radical social and economic change?

The I’m Not Sick EP is Cruel Hope’s first release, but it won’t be the last. This project has been years in the making, so there is much more music where these songs came from. “This is political music, so as long as there exists injustice, unrest, and turmoil in this world, there will be new Cruel Hope songs.

Listen to I’m Not Sick on SPOTIFY or on Youtube below:

Cruel Hope is the embodiment of a generation’s bitter struggle to accept that the world they were promised no longer exists, brought to life in the form of modern alternative rock songs by creator Liam Horrigan. Strong melodies akin to those of Rise Against and Green Day deliver unapologetic lyrics about the troubled state of our world, producing anthemic choruses purpose-built to stick within the ears and hearts of today’s youth. Heavy riffs honour proud rock traditions, inspiring comparisons to contemporaries Royal Blood and Cleopatrick. Armed with three singles produced by Kyle Marchant (Nightwell) and a high-octane live act, Cruel Hope is set to explode onto the Toronto, Ontario scene in early 2022.

Connect with Cruel Hope:


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