Kent, UK alternative rock band Disco Drug Store has released its latest single “Honey You’re A Jinx”. “Honey you’re a jinx is the story of the end of a tarnished relationship and the drive and passion from both parties to outdo each other and prove that they can do better apart than they ever could together,” explains the band. “It could be seen as a modern-day version of Irving Berlin’s “Anything you can do I can do better” The song also provides some thought into how things might have been different if they could have both realized their dreams and ambitions within their coupling. The song has a positive message, just because your relationship has ended doesn’t mean your life has to come to a standstill………. sometimes you might just be better off on your own.”

Reformed after Covid, Disco Drug Store takes its influences from Bowie, Nirvana, Punk Rock, 1970s Glam Rock with hints of Disco music. The band, made up of original members David – vocals and guitar, Duncan Crundwell – Bass, Steve Marshall – Keyboards and Ian Gardiner – lead guitar, have had various drummers over the years but has always kept the main core of the band the same. The line-up is now complete with Becky Scott-Daly on drums and the band continues to receive critical acclaim for their own brand of original, quirky guitar songs.

“Honey You’re A Jinx” is now playing across all digital streaming services. Listen to it now on Spotify.

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