Terminal Dogma Releases New Single “First Degree”

Terminal Dogma is the culmination of two years of isolation, technophobia, hackers, depression, and 4554 kilometers of separation. But for East Coast Canadian musician Don Levandier, and Alberta transplant Krista Acheson, it was the catalyst needed to learn how to make music together.

Born via the back and forth of sms messages and file transfer services, the duo willed itself into existence from a desperation to put out music, when neither could.  Simple in theory, but not in practice, Terminal Dogma birthed its first single and EP through the thousands of miles of fibre optic cable connecting the North American land-mass.

Today, Terminal Dogma has just released “First Degree”.

Recorded in Moncton, NB, Edmonton, AB, and the North L.A. countryside, “First Degree” is the premiere release from the pandemic upstart. While the track would feel at home on a Fat-Wreck comp from the 90s, it lyrically laments the slow fade of love and its eventual descent into darkness.  

The group’s name is a term lovingly stolen from the 1995 anime Neon Genesis Evangelion which deals with themes of childhood trauma and depression.

Check out Terminal Dogma – “First Degree” on Spotify:

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