Chicago Punk Caitlin Edwards Debuts Two New Singles From Upcoming Album

Chicago musician and songwriter Caitlin Edwards has just released two new singles, “Problem Boy” and “No Kids”. The singles are the first off of her upcoming debut solo album, Pluto Party due out this summer.

According to Caitlin, both tracks capture the energy and honesty of what’s to come on the album. ‘No Kids’ is a song about normalizing people who choose not to have children and the annoyance of parents who choose to have children, but complain about it,” says Edwards. “There’s a certain accountability that needs to be taken. How can you complain about something you wanted so badly? When it comes to kids, people should know what they’re getting into.”

“No Kids” features jangly guitars on top of a light, pop-rock music bed with some really great musical moments scattered throughout. Listen to “No Kids” on Spotify now.

The other single, “Problem Boy”, is a straight-ahead rocker with that really shows off Katilin’s knack for timeless hook and melody writing.

‘Problem Boy” is a song about someone who was cruel to me and how others are finally seeing that person for who they really are,” explains Edwards. “I got to see karma fall on this person who deserved it. You know, that type of person that needs a wake-up call, but would never change anyway? Yep, that’s the guy. He fooled a lot of people, but he was finally seen for the problem he was.

Listen to “Problem Boy” on Spotify now.

Caitlin tracked guitar, bass, and vocals for both of the songs, with drums tracked by John Perrin. The tracks were recorded by Charlie Dresser at Sound Summit and mixed by Dan Precision at The Bombshelter. “These songs are straight up rock and alternative with a touch of punk,” Edwards says. “Can’t wait for everyone to hear the entire album.” 

Caitlin Edwards is a songwriter and musician from Chicago, IL. She has been playing in punk and ska bands around Chicago for the last fifteen years. In 2017, Caitlin decided to begin her solo project that branches off into the alternative and rock n’ roll genre. Still bringing her classic style of punk and pop-rock as well. With honest lyrics, high energy, and catchy riffs, Caitlin brings a sound all her own. For fans of The Muffs, Ida Maria, Best Coast, and Weezer. 

 Connect with Caitlin Edwards:

Spotify / Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook

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