Uplifting songwriter Gavin Fox arrives with breathtaking album ‘Awakened’

Gavin Fox has been quietly building up a following as one of the songwriters to watch in 2022. ‘Awakened’ is the name of his debut album – named after his experience of ‘waking up to himself’, as he describes it. Hearing his work makes it hard to believe, but Gavin Fox in fact only began writing music two years ago. 

This album represents a life changing experience. Fox embarked upon a liberating process of self-discovery at the age of forty. And, in so doing, he awakened a creativity for music and song he never knew existed. He picked up a guitar for the very first time and shortly after started writing some of the most honest and compelling songs you are likely to hear.

“I realised I had created an image that I portrayed to the outside world, it wasn’t the real me – I was constantly comparing myself to others, trying to live up to this persona. It was exhausting.”

“Sometimes the most painful thing you can do is look deep within yourself. If it’s dark, you don’t want to go there again. But it was the best thing I ever did. I now know it is truly amazing what you can find when you awaken your soul.”

This album took 40 years to write. It is a collection of stories. Some are personal. Some inspired by the stories of others. The music style spans alternative folk, Americana and rock, with acoustic guitar at its heart. And, for those looking for more depth, there is meaning in every lyric.

Seen in this way, it becomes small wonder the songs are having the international appeal they have been having. Fox’s songs have an unassuming wisdom woven into their profound simplicity.

“I’m proud of this album, and I want to share it, but it’s not about me trying to be a superstar. It’s about me sharing my story and perhaps inspiring somebody else to awaken their soul, to connect with their true self and unlock undiscovered creativity they might have inside themselves.”


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