Tirful Releases Soulful Emo Trap Ballad “Any Easy Intimacy”

Trap emo artist Tirful has released their newest single, “Any Easy Intimacy”. The song opens with a soulful guitar riff before breaking away into full times drums and Tirful’s vocals before finally dropping into a full trap emo ballad complete with 808 drums and ticking high hats. “This song is both a throwback to the 00s emo bands I grew up listening to and a combination of influences from the more recent emo trap/emo rap movement that has also been a huge inspiration to me,” explains Tirful.

“Any Easy Intimacy” was made in collaboration with the guitarist of the band Cassus, of which Tirful is also a member and emo rap artist Brody. “The band plays much heavier screamo/post-hardcore, but both of us still love our melodic emo roots, so it’s great to explore this as a fresh direction with Tirful,” they explain. “I was also incredibly excited to have Brody feature on the song as he is a master of the emo rap genre and I’ve been a fan of his own music for years.

The track was a labor of love for everyone involved. “The song is entirely home-recorded and self-produced, so it’s about as DIY as you can get,” explains Tirful. “Even the music video on my YouTube was shot on my phone and put together myself with zero budget!”

The single is now available across all major streaming platforms and YouTube. Listen to “Any Easy Intimacy” on Spotify or watch the video on YouTube below.

Tirful is a solo artist from Norwich, UK. Tirful’s roots are in the DIY hardcore scene, being the vocalist of the bands Cassus and Tellus Effluentia.  Tirful began in early 2020. Fans of Nothing Nowhere, Smrtdeath, and Lil Lotus will love the soulful trap emo of Tirful!

Connect With Tirful:



Press Contact:
Heart Riot Agency – Publicist: Lance Waste
Email: theheartriotagency@gmail.com



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