SCOOB ROCK Releases “It’s A”

“It’s A” is the brand new single from rapper SCOOB ROCK. The song sneaks in with a single note played on a warbly organ with a lo-fi beat before SCOOB ROCK hops on the track for the first verse. SCOOB ROCK has a gravely, world-weary voice that will draw comparisons to artists like Nas or Ghostface Killa, only with a slightly deeper timbre. Flow-wise, SCOOB ROCK is also compatible to 90s East Coast MCs like Jay-Z or Biggie, which makes sense since he has spent time in New York.

On “It’s A”, the soulful hook offers a nice juxtaposition from the grittiness of the rapped vocals and the subject matter. The beat is a nice, laid-back joint that will make you bob your head and has just enough production to not make the song boring or too cliche. However, SCOOB ROCK does most of the heavy lifting on the track, painting lyrical pictures that showcase his lyrical and storytelling abilities.

SCOOB ROCK performs rap with a personal style and characteristic voice. He started out break dancing at an early age and soon found out he had the skills to mc. SCOOB ROCK’s mother is from the West Indies and that’s where the Caribbean influences come from. When he grew up, he moved around a lot, staying in places like Africa, England, US, Caribbean, and Sweden. With his personal style and characteristic voice he has shown that he feels equally at home on stage in Stockholm as well as in New York and Berlin.

Rap with a personal style and characteristic voice

SCOOB ROCK has been into hip hop since he was 12 years old.

“It’s A” is now playing across all digital streaming platforms. You can hear it on Spotify or YouTube now.

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